What to do if your drill breaks

If you are on the job and your drill breaks you can really find yourself in a bind. The next questions that go through your mind are can I fix it now? Does it need to be brought to a professional? Or simply is it time to get a new one?

What is a bench driver?

A bench driver, or bench drill press is a non-hand held drill that is usually on a big stand, about counter top in height. The drill is fixed above the bench and then used by pulling down on the arm of the drill. The drill head usually has three handles on it to vertically control the spindle and chuck. The bench drill press consists of a base, column or pillar, table, spindle or quill, chuck, drill head and induction motor. The table or base of the bench drill press can be vertically adjusted or rotating depending on the user’s height and project height needs.

The top 12 tool box muts-haves

Not a “do it yourselfer” when it comes to household projects? Sometimes even those of us not considered “handy” need to hang a picture, and this list will provide you with the “essential” items that every person should have in their toolbox in the event that a DIY (do it yourself) project comes along.

The essentials to buying drill bit

Nothing is worse than walking into a store, intent on making a purchase, and then leaving empty handed realizing that you had no idea what you really needed to buy.  I have walked into a hardware store more than once, and left feeling completely confused and defeated because I didn't have a good understanding of the project I was doing or the tools I was using.  After realizing I know nothing about using my new power drill, I decided that enough was enough.  I went home intent on educating myself on the power drill essentials so that I could come back to the hardware store and make some smart, informed decisions.

The basics about bench grinders

Bench grinders aren't too common in personal workshops. Most people can get away without having a bench grinder. But if you think you could use one in your workshop, you should probably know for sure what you are getting yourself into and what you'll be using the bench grinder for.  Read on for more information about what a bench grinder actually is and how it can be used.

Teaching tool safety to children

Teaching your child how to build stuff can be an exciting time for you as a parent. Make sure you get off on the right foot by teaching your children how to use tools that are in your workshop safely and correctly. The sooner you do this, the less worry you will experience later on when they get to the more dangerous tools. Get safety advice ingrained into them from the start!

Screws and bolds buying guide

Which screws and bolds are used for what task? Chipboard screws, carriage bolts, wood screws? With this buying guide we will help you buy the proper screws and bolds, but also tell you wat type of screwdriver, screw bit or spanner to use.

Safety when using power tools outdoors

Make sure to keep your hands, feet, and clothing away from the blades of a power tool. Wear safety glasses as needed and don't wear jewelry while working outside (or even inside). Make sure you take care of your eyes, ears, hands, feet, and mouth while you're working with power tools.

Keeping your personal workshop well-organized

There are lots of good reasons why you should keep your personal workshop well-organized. First, an organized workshop helps you find tools and supplies easier. This means you'll avoid buying extra supplies because you'll be able to find everything you need easily.

Impact Drivers: yes, you want one

There are always “new and improved” products on the market that make you wonder whether or not they really are as amazing and necessary as advertised.  We ask ourselves “Do I really need this?” and, “Will I regret spending the money?” but in the case of the impact driver, the only question you'll be asking yourself after buying one is, “Why didn't I get one sooner?”