How to Build a Greenhouse to Grow Your Own Plants

There are a ton of different ways you can build a greenhouse. You could make it large or small, easy or hard. Making a greenhouse from upcycled materials is common nowadays and many people create their greenhouses from materials they find, rather than buying brand-new materials to work with. Using materials from a hardware store is also a common practice, although more expensive. No matter the way you build a greenhouse, growing your own food with a greenhouse is excellent for your health.

So how do you go about building a greenhouse? Well, first you have to decide what kind of greenhouse you want. Do you want a wooden structure? Or do you want a hoop greenhouse that is more flexible? Those two different greenhouses will require different materials and techniques. Here are the basics of each. Another thing you have to decide is how long and wide you want to make it. A hoop greenhouses can be longer as the materials are cheaper and easier to put together. It will take less time to get a hoop greenhouse together than a wooden one.

Wooden Greenhouse With Windows

Here are the materials you will need for a structured greenhouse: old windows or polycarbonate sheeting for the roof; insulation boards; and 4x4-inch posts. Different structured greenhouses have different design plans so you may need additional materials.

You'll build this greenhouse much as you would build a house. Set up the four posts and put in walls with windows along them. Remember to leave the roof sloped with reused windows or polycarbonate sheeting (thermally efficient and light) so that your greenhouse gets the light it needs. You also can do a version of a greenhouse that use plastic sheeting with a structured base and posts.

Hoop Greenhouses

What you will need are PVC pipes, pipe fittings, wood for base and door frame, screwdriver, hand saw or circular saw, staple gun, and plastic sheeting (look for non-UV stabilized, clear sheeting). You'll need to ensure that your hoop greenhouse can withstand snow if you get it. Also, you do not want to make it too wide and the ceiling too low because it will be difficult to plant in it and use it.

First, you need to construct the end poles. Drill through the pipe and attach one end to a piece of pre-treated wood. You don't have to drill it tight. Then, do the same with the other side, using the distance you want your greenhouse to be. Now add in the door frame to one side. Adjust the wood pieces and cut as needed so you have your frame set.

Then, roll out the plastic sheeting and cut accordingly. Staple it to the front and then flip it over. Fold the plastic over and staple it to the back. Set up fence posts or rebar where the front end poles will be. Attach the end poles to the posts for structure. Drive in rebar every 3 feet along where the other poles of the hoop greenhouse will be. Put in the PVC pipe poles on top of those rebar pins. Add in 2” PVC pipes as ridge poles over the top of the poles so that it provides support against the wind, rain, and snow. Finally, measure, cut, and put the rest of the plastic sheeting over the hoop greenhouse. Staple and you're done!