How to Build a Tree House

Follow the steps in this article and you will have a solid tree house in no time for your kids or of course for yourself. To get the best result, first read the complete articel and start building from step 1.

1: Decide which tree(s) you will use. Using two trees will provide greater stability and will use less branching. In this step you should also figure out how high you want the tree house. A good height to work with is around 9ft. 

2: Figure out the design, measurements and materials that you will need to build your tree house. If you are unsure of where to begin designing your tree house, can provide you will easy to follow lay outs and designs.

3: Once you have all the necessary materials make sure you have all the appropriate tools needed. Some essential tools would include hammer, saw, level, square, tape measure, adjustable wrench and drill. A ladder or stepladder will also be essential. 

4: Mound the main supports for the tree house that will support the entire tree house and will lay the foundation for the tree house floor. Make sure these supports are perfectly horizontal, by using a level, or your tree house will end up at a slant.

5: Lay out the platform floor of the tree house and construct it on the ground before transporting it to the treehouse floor.  This step must be done on the ground. 

6: Build the platform using deck screws up in the tree. You will need more than one person to help with this task. Make sure that the platform is centered and squared in the tree.

7: Now that you have the platform up in the tree, you need to attach that to your supports using rafter ties that you screw into the tree. You also need to add joist hangers to the tree using galvanized nails, not screws.

8: The platform will be wobbling, but it now needs diagonal bracing to help stabilize it. You can easily use 2 x 4's and long lag screws to attach these diagonally to the trees supporting the tree house.

9: Add a pulley. This is very helpful for hauling tools up to the tree house, and can later be used for fun by your kids. Attach a bucket to the end of the pulley's rope. 

10: Lay the deck floor. You now have to climb up the tree to your platform and lay the deck flooring down. We sure you are careful when currying around the trunks of the trees, and leave about a 1-2" gap all around. 

11: Make an entryway into the tree house.  Off the platform, build at least 1 or two steps from the floor of the tree house. 

12: Create the railing. It may be helpful to first screw the rails together, and then nail them to the platform. 

13: Once you have the railings, you need to add sides to the tree house. You can use plywood for the siding, but if you prefer, roping will also work. Be sure that kids cannot easily slip through the railing and siding. 

14: Construct a ladder. A wooden ladder might work best, as a rope ladder is often hard to climb up and wobbly if your children are younger.

15: The roof. If you want to get fancy, you can construct a wooden roof for the top of the tree house. Otherwise, simply using a bungee cord and a tarp can work perfectly find to use at a roof.  You make need to create an overhang so the roof doesn’t sit too low, if you are using a tarp.

16: Enjoy! Let your kids bring up some of their favorite doors, decorate it, and enjoy it!