All you need to know about electric screwdrivers

You don't hear a lot about electric screwdriver, but they can be helpful. People with arthritis or hand muscle issues will find them especially useful because it will save your hands from the screwing motion. Also, if you are planning to screw into tough material, an electric screwdriver can keep you from wrenching your hand in the process. An electric screwdriver also is great for if you need to screw in a lot of screws.

So what is an electric screwdriver? An electric screwdriver is a power tool that will help you screw in screws quickly and easily. Another feature that the power screwdriver has is reverse action. This will allow you to take out screws rapidly.

It usually comes with a rechargeable battery if it is a cordless model. You will want to look for a good motor on an electric screwdriver so it does not wimp out on you. A basic model will provide 2.4 – 3.6 volts so you may want more power than that. A higher voltage also can mean a heavier battery so your hands and arms could get tired of holding it. When you're looking at power screwdrivers, checking their revolutions per minute (RPM) rate will give you an idea of how fast they are. More RPM will equal a faster electric screwdriver.

Better electric screwdrivers will allow you to change their positions – either straight or more pistol-shaped so you can get into hard-to-reach places. Check if the electric screwdriver you're looking at has torque control or variable speed. Varying the speed of the screwdriver will let you adjust the pace to the screw or material you are using. Torque control refers to the twisting motion your screwdriver will be doing. Thicker screws need more torque; thinner screws less torque.

Some tool kits come with an electric screwdriver in the kit, too. When you are looking at electric screwdrivers to buy, also check how the tool feels in your hand and if there is an anti-slip grip to it. Some screwdrivers even have lights on them! This will help you when screwing screws in dimly lit or hard-to-see areas. Another added feature you might want to look into is if the screwdriver comes with any added bonuses, like a carrying case. This will make a big difference in your workshop organization and when you have to cart tools around.

Another thing to look for is a universal part that allows you to use different interchangeable screw heads or bits in the power screwdriver. That will make your tool much more versatile. There are different detachable screwing bits that you can use. A flat-blade screwdriver bit is straight and flat on the top, as you could imagine. This is good for screwing in cross, square, combo, or slotted screws. A Philips bit is the traditional crossed screw bit that you commonly see. The bit comes in various sizes. You will see the crossed screw used a lot in light switch covers, household appliances, and door hinges.

But be careful! These electric screwdrivers can pack a lot of power and might damage the wood or stripping the screw if you aren't keeping a close eye on things. Also, an electric screwdriver can damage your piece when you take it off the screw. It can slip off the screw and gouge the wood or material you are working with. You do want a beautiful finished piece after all!