Drill Bit Sharpeners

Drilling has been around for centuries. It is one of the oldest and most often used forms of construction, and, what we know of today as drill bits are some of the most ancient and commonly tools used, dating back to the ancient Egyptians.

Drill bits are a metal cutting tool, and the twist drill bit is the most complex metal cutting tool on the market. It has a cone-shaped internal structure. It is narrow at the web (the top) and increases thickness at the shank, providing strength and firmness. Sharpening a drill bit is essential in maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of the tool as it begins to wear as soon as it is used and pierces the material. The chisel edge, cutting lips, and heel are the parts of a drill bit which can, and should be sharpened. Furthermore, wear happens at an increased and accelerated rate, wearing more the more you use it, resulting in drill bit damage. You can completely renew your drill bit – any drill bit you may have- with a Drill Doctor. They offer a number of different forms of sharpeners for a variety of factors and drill bits and can offer the best sharpening available out on the market.

A standard drill bit, made of high-speed steel, is used to drill softer material, such as aluminum, wood, or even steel. They are usually coated in Titanium Nitride and are easily sharpened. The Titanium Nitride enhances the quality of the drill bit, due to its heat resistance properties and ability to avoid wear. They are more effective and have a longer life as they allow a low amount of friction and have a high surface hardness.

There are also masonry points as well as split points. A masonry point drill bit is heat resistant and is also easily sharpened, however it is sharpened with a curved grind. They also have a thicker web construction. It is typically used to drill tougher materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, and iconel.

The split point drill bit is more detailed and intricate as it has an additional set of cutting lips. Unlike the standard point and the masonry point, the split point is comprised of mild steel with cobalt or carbide inserted into the tip. It can also be made with the standard high-speed steel too. They can be sharpened, but work best when the split point is maintained. Masonry point drill bits are used to drill into concrete, brick, stone, and mortar.