Impact Drivers: yes, you want one

There are always “new and improved” products on the market that make you wonder whether or not they really are as amazing and necessary as advertised.  We ask ourselves “Do I really need this?” and, “Will I regret spending the money?” but in the case of the impact driver, the only question you'll be asking yourself after buying one is, “Why didn't I get one sooner?”

The first thing you will notice and love about your new impact driver is the high rotational torque, which is the power that really gives the impact driver the advantage over your traditional drill. When the impact driver is being used there is a rapid tapping action that is taking place, helping rotate the screw or attachment spin and drive.  This extra power means that the tool itself is much easier to use, and can even be used with one hand, making some projects a breeze.

Some other great advantages of the impact driver include its versatile design and size.  The quick release hex chucks make it very easy to change bits which means your impact driver can double and be used in place of a traditional cordless drill if needed.  Also, the size and shape, which is slightly smaller and stubbier than a traditional drill, contributes to making it lighter and very easy to use. And lastly, the technology around the Lithium Ion batteries has improved so much over the years that the battery life and power of the new models are quite impressive.

And for those of you who are still unsure of whether or not you will want an impact driver to fully replace your traditional drill, there are many brands that are selling combo kits which include an impact driver, a cordless drill, and a battery which can be used in either tool. These kits are a great value because the batteries can usually be one of the most expensive components, and since you only need one to power both tools, you are already saving a lot of money.

Take it from me, as soon as you use your brand new impact driver, you will never go back, it will be an integral piece among the rest of your power tools, and you'll be very glad that you finally decided to buy one. So don't wait, whether you are a contractor, work in cabinet making, need to build some furniture in your shop, or just like to build pieces for fun, you will never go back once you realize how fun and easy using an impact driver can be.